Продам новый спальник Mountain Warehouse Traveller 50, 650 грамм, Экстрим -0С.


The Traveller 50 Sleeping Bag is rated at season 2 making it incredibly compact and lightweight, best for travelling in warm climates. Windproof and breathable, it's soft and insulating keeping you cosy and comfy all night.

2 Season - warm nights, summer, indoor use
Inner Pockets - An inner pocket to keep your valuables safe and close to you while you sleep
Mummy Shape - Mummy shaped bags follow your body shape, giving you a cosier night's sleep
Breathable - The fabric allows perspiration to pass out of the garment, keeping you cool and comfortable
Rip Stop Fabric - Stop rips in their tracks with this heavy duty fabric
Windproof - A thin membrane between the fabric provides protection from the wind
Personal Preference - Please remember that everyone feels the hot and cold differently. Always go with your personal preference
Comfort Temperature - The comfort temperature for this sleeping bag is 11°C to 14°C. This is the minimum temperature that the sleeping bag is designed for
Great For Warm Weather Travels - The incredibly compact size makes it perfect for stuffing in a rucksack for use in warm climates or indoors
Extreme Rating - Can be used for extreme temperature of -0°C. This is a survival temperature only. The bag is not intended for regular use at this temperature
Dimensions - 220cm x 80cm x 50cm
Weight - 0.65kg
Packed Dimensions - 30cm x 13cm
Fabric Composition
Polyester 100%


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