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The Forma Superoubaix Windfront Bib Tight, are an example of architectural tailoring, a long and complex study to achieve maximum comfort in the part of the body that moves more on the bike. The tight is built to "clone" your body's natural position.

Super Roubaix™:
A micro-fiber version of our Roubaix™ material, Super Roubaix™ moves moisture more efficiently and has better breathability. Garments made with Super Roubaix have slightly higher compression effects, which provide a massaging effect on muscles.

• The Flex Dry Power material is windproof and provides warmth and insulation without dispersion of heat.
• The mesh along the back guarantees breathability and comfort.
• The unique Forma bibs are so comfortable you won't know they are there since there are no seams to cause irritation and they stretch to accommodate your every movement.
• The zippered ankles feature reflective strips for visibility and elastic bands keep the cuffs in place.
• The Elite O.F. insert offers the utmost in comfort and protection. This is the same insert that has helped secure the Forma Bib Shorts the coveted 2006 Editor's Choice Award from Bicycling Magazine for "Best Bib Short".
• The Windproof Super Roubaix

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