Продам шлем MET Veleno M белый

MET Veleno MTB Helmet

A lightweight, cool and streamlined helmet for Cross Country racing and high mileage off road rides. Gel O2 padding at the front ensures your head stays comfortable on the climbs and outstanding ventilation provides cooling airflow on the descents.

Gel 02 Padding
The world's first use of hypo allergenic and thermo-stabilising gel padding in a cycle helmet, providing totally incomparable fit and comfort. Replacing traditional fabric pads with gel keeps the head cool thanks to the natural capacity of gel to stay cool and dispel sweat when in contact. Security and fit is also improved as gel adjusts to the form of your head.

In-Moulding Shell Construction
Met use an advanced construction process to fuse the external shell and the polystyrene inner to guarantee effective impact resistance with a strong and light weight build.

Safe-T Smart Closure
A micrometric occiptial retention system featuring both horizontal and vertical adjustment to distribute pressure on a broader surface to increase performance and comfort.
MET Full Face Helmet Features:

In-Mold shell construction
Adjustable Kevlar Straps
Safe-T Smart fitting System
Gel 02 cooling gel front padding
Removable Visor
Weight: 290-310 grams