MINSK LONELY HEART CYCLING CLUB preliminary announcement


Here is the proposal and prelim info. Take time and get ready if you're going to be a participant or sponsor.





There will be Events. Mostly, urban environment. It can be a street ride or prearranged meeting in a coffee spot, bakery, supermarket, pizza place, etc. Anyone can join.
By joining, you declare yourself a "lonely heart" person (see Membership).

Any member can initiate or organize an event. Announce it in any public space and invite people to join through any channels.

We recommend the forum at poehali.net for maximum exposure. And it is free.

Generally, you will arrive on a bicycle, lock it, get inside, buy yourself drink & food (coffee, soda, cookies), hang out and socialize. When you're tired of it, just leave.

Arriving by car is not acceptable (unless you have your bicycle with you and properly tagged).

Events must be easy to attend. No montinbiking, no river crossing, not night time swamp riding, please, thank you.


Club membership is free, no membership fees, no charges. You can join, opt out, and join again as often as you wish. Ownership or temporaty possession of a bicycle is a requierement. (Please don't steal one from members, even temporarily.) The bicycle must be tagged with your info (see Equipment).

On the face of if, all members are single persons, not involved in marriage or similar partherhips. You declare yourself as such by showing up.

If you, by any chance, develop a relationship, you're out automatically. (Again, if you choose cheat, it is entirely up to you.)

Driving license is required. (No one will bother to check, actually).

Dress and behaviour

Dress as nice as you can. At least, try to look decent. 'Professional' cycling gear is Ok.

Beer or alcohol is not acceptable (unless we get a brewery as a sponsor, which is unlikely).

Do not show up under influence (after consuming alcohol or drugs).

Be nice to people, especially to members. Making fun of other members, trolling, or practical jokes are not acceptable. (Otherwise, kicking spokes out your wheels will ensue.)

If you don't like somebody or something, do not comment. Pretend you're a snob. Or even try to be friendly.

If you don't know what to say, just smile and take photos of everyone using your mobile camera, then post online.

By showing up at the event, you agree to being photographed and posted online by amateur photographers with shitty cameras. This is the point of your being there, actually.

No politics, please.

Telling about your bicycles, mobile phones, cameras, computers, lights, navigators, gadgets, or apparel, what you bought recently, or how you're pissed off with your employment, is ok.
Telling about cultureal events, i.e. movies, music or computer gaimes, is top class.

Now, dispencing advice before asked is not ok. (Kicking spokes or spraying fresh paint on the saddle will be legitimage countermeasures.)

It is ok to address members by sobriquet (nickname). If you don't know itl, ask the person his/her (nick)name or ask them to show their bicycle.


You will need a bicycle. Any type of bicycle is ok.

Anti-theft bicycle is preferable. An old debranded beater is perfect. (Check internet for uglification advice, if you have only 1 bicycle.) You will need locks. You will lock your bicycle outside and leave it unattended.
Make sure it is not attractive to thieves, or at least, pretend you don't care.

(You can use as expensive a bike as you like, though. It is a legitimate way to show off. Bring in your CANNONDELE.)

[The club is open to sponsorhip by bicycle or cycling products manufacturers or brands.]

A cycle helmet is mandatory. (Again, no one cares.)

Information (tagging)

You will attach a steaker (tag) to your top tube. The sticker will show your sobriquet (nickname, please choose a short and pronounciable one), mobile number (and/or email), and a link to a blog or social network where you post your photos and stuff.

The sticker must be the size of a business card. Large type, to be readable by a mobile phone camera.

(example photo pending)

A compliant sticker is mandatory. It will be your club membership card.
The sticker must be attached to the top tube of your bicycle using transparent adhesive tape. In such manner that it can be photographed by a mobile phone.


Now, need help in rewriting this in nice Russian in style.

и на русском сильно много текста было бы, а на англицком и подавно

Цитата сообщения от lilu отправленного 26 Янв, 2012 в 17:13

а нафига для Минска все на инглише?

Потому что надо sponsor.
Но на такую тоску спонсоры точно не клюнут - блекджек с женщинами легкого поведения алкоголь и шутки под запретом, только с кем познакомился так сразу из клуба попрут.
Лучше на похороны сходить, чем на такую встречу.

Так для того, чтобы спонсоры появились - нужено еще наполнить САМ клуб, а я слабо верю в его наполняемость - неестественно все это. Проще записаться на покатушку и в неформальной обставновке знакомиться , чем так вот )))

ПОХОРОНЫ вставили, хочу себе такие )

Цитата сообщения от sailor отправленного 26 Янв, 2012 в 16:14

это отображение всего текста по-русски

Ожэсточонно плюсую :-/

Цитата сообщения от вв отправленного 26 Янв, 2012 в 12:14

Now, need help in rewriting this in nice Russian in style.

Теперь нужна помощь в переписывании этого в хорошем русском стиле.

Загадка Глеба раскрыта. Все эти весёлые темы. Острые вбросы. Он просто не умеет изъяснятся на русском.