Hello everyone.

First, my apologies, but I dont know any Russian, so i hope you will not mind me contributing in English (otherwise I will have to use http://babelfish.altavista.com/ to translate my messages to Rrussian

However, i wanted to introduce myself and to say what a wonderful website and archive of maps you have created.

I am a geologist who frequently works with satellite imagery, and often need good quality maps of remote parts of the world for use in my research. So I am very pleased to discover poehali.net.

I have some paper USSR General Staff maps at various scales of parts of Russia (1:100K-1:1M), Poland at 1:50K and 1:100K, and scans of maps of Turkey (1:200K), Poland (1:50K), Europe (1:500K). I would be happy to contribute these to the Project.

I also have coverage of the UK at 1:63K (Ordnance survey maps for which the copyright has expired, so they can be legally distributed)

I have extensive experience of GIS and remote sensing work with remote sensing (eg Landsat) Imagery, and if anyone needs advice on these subjects they are welcome to contact me.

If the owners and mangers of poehali.net/ or poehali.org are interested, I can advise you about how the quality and resolution of the map scans you have archived and distribute can be greatly improved, whilst keeping file sizes small, (>300dpi 24-bit RGB images). This will allow you to put more and higher resolution scans on CD/DVD-ROM, and/or serve them via the internet.

Best wishes,


Your maps collection is great. But..
I'm intresting in GIS, geomorphology and geology. In my experience 100k maps of Ukraine are not usefull with GIS application (small resolution 150 dpi).

Geo, thanks for good intencion. I've looked good-quality maps of Carpathians (Ukraine) fruitless.
It will be great download 300 dpi maps of this area :)