Gawaritie na anglijskim jazykie??

I wonder whether someone could help me a little. I am going to make expedition to polar ural this summer. I have found some scans of military maps in 1:100 000 scale from 1940-1950... however i cannot find anywhere information about type of projection used on these maps.
Do you know what projection was used on these maps of Polar Ural?
I would like to merge few scans in GIS software in whole one map because my destination is situated on borders of 4 scans:|
If it can help i am using sheets number Q411112, Q412324, Q411314 and Q420102

I will appreciate any help


1. Can you reference the source (url) of these maps (1:100 000 scale from 1940..1950) ?
2. You can download more actual maps of Polar Ural (Genshtab near 1980) from topmap.narod.ru or poehali.org/maps.

Кто-нибудь знает, в какой проекции карты Красной Армии, которые выпускались до появления Пулково-1942 ?
Нумерация карт и сетка весьма похожие, но не те.


Hello again,

the link to the other site with maps of Ural is below...
I see now that they are the same maps like on poehali site, just more detailed scans, maybe more useful for digitalization, however they are split into few parts, unfortunately:(


Maybe, do you know what projection is used on these Genshtab maps? Or maybe you could recommended me any website with wide and detailed information about map projections in Russia (Soviet Union)

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Maybe, do you know what projection is used on these Genshtab maps?

Pulkovo 1942