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а переклюк нормально работал с манеткой?

На сайте велоньюс.компетитор.ком в мастрерской проскочила инфа.
Шиманцы в 10ск приводе мтб похерили свое обычное соотношение хода троса и рычагов.
Т.е. задние перклюки 10 ск мтб работают только с манетками 10 ск мтб.
(не работают с манетками 10ск road, и не работают с манетками-кассетами 8ск, 9ск...)

(А в шоссейных манетках/переклюках на 10-ск осталось старое соотношение.)

Такие дела.


Q. I thought I knew the answer to this, but a shop employee at my LBS made me question my thoughts. Does it matter if I run a 10-speed rear derailleur for a 9-speed system (shifters/cassette)? I have assumed you can use any speed rear derailleur as it is the shifter that is indexed, not the rear derailleur. I just need to ensure my cassette and shifter are matched. I want to buy an XTR 10-speed rear derailleur as it is at a better price point.

Please let me know if I or my shop employee are correct.
— Rob

A. Dear Rob,
Your shop employee gets the prize on this one. Shimano’s 10-speed MTB rear derailleurs are not compatible with any Shimano road or MTB shifters other than current Shimano MTB 10-speed shifters.

Shimano kept the cable-pull ratio on its rear derailleurs constant for road and mountain through many speed iterations, but then it deviated from that when it introduced 10 speeds for mountain bike groups. Get a 9-speed XTR (or XT, LX, etc.) rear derailleur; a 10-speed Shimano mountain-bike rear derailleur will not work with your existing shifter. (A 10-speed Shimano road rear derailleur will be compatible with your shifter, but it won’t have the range for a mountain bike cogset.)
— Lennard