Официальная информация по бреветам, флешам, рандонне


Кто: Jean-Gualbert Faburel
Кому: Sergei Brusnikin
Дата: 29.102022 22:40
Тема: RE: Brevets in Belarus 2023

Dear Sergei,

It looks like you should be able to enter PBP 2023 but without mentionning Belarus.

I will send you the SR medals next Saturday and
the BRM400 centenary medals by the beginning of next year.

Best regards,

Ниже - письмо с ответом от Президента LRM по вопросу омологаций плановых LRM1200 в 2023г

Был вопрос о том, что хотя Беларусь имеется в списке организаций и получает омологации
но в Календаре 2023г отсутствует
и нужна информация о ворзможности омологаций LRM1200 26.07.2023, LRM1200 14.08.2023
которые запланированы в Плане РБ на 2023г

Ответ LRM:

Кто: Mark Thomas mark@muthomas.net
Кому: Sergei Brusnikin brusnikin.sergei@gmail.com
Дата: 4 нояб. 2022 г., 15:52
Тема: Re: LRM1200 in Belarus 2023

Yes. Although the events are not on the published calendar, results will be homologated.


Вчера, 15.12.2022 пришло письмо от Люка Коппэна - Президента АСР ( см. структуру АСР )

В письме - приглашение на Презентацию ПБП-2023 07.01.2023 и пожелания по участию в разных ролях...

Тема: Letter to former participants of the PBP 2019

You have successfully participated in Paris-Brest-Paris 2019.

If you would like to take part in the next edition either as a participant or as a volunteer, here is the following information:

• On Saturday January 7, 2023, the next edition will be presented: see the invitation card attached,

• If you want to join the organization team and take part in the party, directly at the heart of the event, you must register on the Qo-ezion platform made available. This solution allows us to be in phase with the regulations on the holding of personal information: identity, skills, preferred areas of activity, availability. Knowledge of this information will allow the organization to better manage missions.

Here is the website dedicated to staffing: https://www.instantsbenevoles.fr/evenement/

The Audax Club Parisien thanks you for your commitment and for agreeing to send this URL to your friends.

Best regards,

The Président, Luc COPPIN