Официальная информация по бреветам, флешам, рандонне


На картинке - письмо из АСР (от Д.Г.Фабюреля) от 02.09.2023 по вопросу медалей для СР (Супер Рандоннёров).

На картинке - письмо из LRM, от Марка Томаса - бывшего Президента LRM по вопросу омологаций и медалей по Б1200 Минск - Парыж - Брест - Минск (см. План 2023)

Кто: Jean-Gualbert Faburel
Кому: Sergei Brusnikin
Дата: 20.09.2023 00:01
Тема: BRM season 2023-2024

Dear all,

I'm pleased to inform you that we are about to start a new BRM season
(November 01) with a new medal design. As usual, the design will be the same
until PBP2027.

Here is the new design. You can order them now ! Of course, you can still
order some medals with the current design.

In addition to that information, it's time to provide me your calendar for
the next season, from 2023 November 01 until 2024 October 31. You will find
attached the standard form to be used to submit your calendar. Please use
only this format and not the previous ones. You will find some new features.
Five columns (highlighted in grey) are now controled to avoid mistakes. I
remind uou that columns A to I are mandatory. The next ones are optional. As
a BRM600 with an elevation higher than 8000m is now required to apply for
the Randonneur 10000 award, you can add this information in column < K >
with a < yes >. With the column < O >, you can give access to homologations
to the organizer. It's also optional and you will have to train them. We
added a new column < R > to give a name to your calendar. There is no more
dead line to provide your calendar as we can add events all along the year.
Nevertheless, it's better to submit your before October 15. I remind you
that the new calendar won't be available until we have events from the
previous season waiting for results. As of today, there are 1414 events
without result, including 382 scheduled on September and 423 on October.

Feel free to come back to me for any question.

Best regards,

В письме ниже от Джона-Гульберта Фабюреля ответы на 2 вопроса:
Спасибо за решение проблемы 20 медалей СР 2022, т.е. 120 евро
...Прошу подтвердить, что оплату ... за инвойс-2022 (в т.ч. за 20 медалей СР 2022) ... Вы получили.
Вопрос 1. Это значит, что в инвойсе-2023 Беларусь должна заплатить на 120 евро меньше ?
Мы распределили 15 медалей СР за 2023г, которые Юрий Бриж ... забрал у Вас.
...На состояние 21.09 нам нужны такие медали:
BRM200 - 20, BRM300 - 13, BRM400 - 8, BRM600 - 15, BRM1000 - 1, СР - 13 штук.
Вопрос 2. Есть ли возможность включить их в инвойс-2023 и получить к концу года ?
Если ответ положительный, то я уточню итоговое кол-во медалей.

Кто: Jean-Gualbert Faburel
Кому: Sergei Brusnikin
Дата: сб, 23 сент., 12:04
Тема: BRM invoice 2022

Hello Sergei,

I will credit the 120€ on you invoice for 2023.
The requested medals will be shipped today and invoiced on December 2023. You can order more if needed.
Best regards,

Кто: Tal Katzir
Кому: Sergei Brusnikin
Дата: 23 сент. 2023 г., 22:48
Тема: LRM President's Letter, Fall 2023

Hello all,

The fall 2024 communication from LRM is just below.
But first, I'd like to confirm that I have the correct information for your country.

September 2024


I hope that this letter finds you well, and that you and/or your country's riders enjoyed PBP.
It was nice to see many of you in Rambouillet, in our General Assembly.

There are 5 items in this communication:

  1. LRM Meeting Notes

Many thanks to Chris Crossland (UK) who took notes in our LRM meeting.
His notes are attached.
We are a transition period, and our website is not yet fully updated.

  1. 2024 (and beyond) Calendar Submissions

As discussed in the meeting - I'd like to have a calendar that will help riders with their long term plans.
We need your 2024 season (that starts on 1/Nov/2023) events, and we'll also welcome any planned events in following seasons, even if you have partial details at this time - Any information will help riders plan to attend your events.

Please send the following information about upcoming LRM events (1200km or longer) in your country to me as soon as it's available to you, preferably before 20/Oct/2023 (a sample form is attached):

  • Country of the event
  • Start Date of the event
  • Name of the event
  • Distance of the event
  • The start location
  • The time limit for the event (including any request for additional time for events with significant vertical ascent)
  • The name and email address for the ride organizer or other responsible person
  • If available, the website address for information about the event (or the sponsoring club's website)
  • Elevation in meters (especially important for events with significant vertical ascent)
  • Any additional notes that will be available publically with the calendar.
  • Any non-public notes that will not be published with the calendar
  1. Event Homologation

Beginning with your 2024 season results, please send them to me (tkatzir@gmail.com) in spreadsheet format with information on the event and the information on each in-time finisher:

  • Surname
  • First Name
  • Finishing Time
  • Nationality
  • Gender (if provided)
  • Medal Request

A sample results submission file is attached for your use. LRM Vice-President Carmela Serina-Pearson will supply the requested medals for non-European destinations, while Jean-Gualbert Faburel will supply medals for European destinations.
Please be sure to include a full shipping address (including name and a mobile phone) for the medals in your results submission.

For now there will be no changes to LRM fees for 2024. The homologation fees are 2? per finisher. Medals will be 6? each.
These fees will be invoiced along with your BRM fees from the ACP.
We will monitor the finances of LRM to understand if further changes might be made in the future.

  1. WhatsApp Group of the Representatives

As discussed with some of you - I'd like to form a WhatsApp group for the representatives, so we could have quick communication if needed.
If you would like to join this WhatsApp group - Please respond with your phone number (or numbers, if you'd like to have more than one phone.)
My phone number is: +972-54-544-7654

  1. Mark Thomas

I would like to thank Mark Thomas for being the President of LRM for the last 4 years.
Serving as his Vice President I witnessed how he was very professional in his approach, I learned a lot from him, and I believe we can all thank him for his tenure.
He was willing to accept my suggestion to "stay around" for a while, at least until we'll finish the transition period, and hopefully afterwards as well.
I know many of you met him in previous LRM meetings, as well as on the road, as he participated in quite a few events around the world.

I wish you all good health, much joy, and great cycling.

Regards, Tal Katzir
President, Les Randonneurs Mondiaux.

Кто: Jean-Gualbert Faburel
Кому: Sergei Brusnikin
Дата: 15 окт. 2023, 19:58
Тема: BRM invoice 2022

Hello Sergei,
The tracking of your shipment is CW213900153FR ( https://www.laposte.fr/outils/suivre-vos-envois?code=CW213900153FR ).
I will send the other medals tomorrow.

Best regards, Jean-Gualbert

Ниже письмо Президента LRM о Плане 2024 и медалях

Кто: Tal Katzir
Кому: Sergei Brusnikin
Когда: 16:04 20.10.2021
О чём: LRM President's Letter

Thank you for the calendar submission Sergei,

p.s. Jean-Gualbert will send you 4 medals for Minsk Brest Minsk.

Regards, Tal Katzir.

Ниже письмо Д.Г.Фабюреля о Плане 2024

Кто: Jean-Gualbert Faburel
Кому: Sergei Brusnikin
Дата: 21 окт. 2023 г., 20:03
Тема:: BRM season 2023-2024

Hello Sergei,

Thank your for your impressiv calendar for 2024.

Best regards,

Ниже письмо Люка Коппина об омологациях флеша и трейса 2023г

Кто: Coppin Luc
Кому: Sergei Brusnikin
Дата: 07.11.2023 20:50
Тема: Belarus Fleche & Trace 2023

Voici le tableau des homologations des Flèches & Traces 2023.

Here are the tables with the homologations for Flèches & Traces 2023.
Best regards,

Ниже письмо в Мин. Спорта и Туризма

Дата: 22.12.023
Кому: info@mst.gov.by, tourism@mst.gov.by, press@mst.gov.by
Кто: brusnikin.sergei@gmauil.com
Тема: О проведении веломарафона на 2500км "ТрансБеларусь" (ТБ2500)

Уважаемые коллеги, здравствуйте.

Просим Вас включить данные об ультра-веломарафоне "ТрансБеларусь" на 2500км (ТБ2500) в
Республиканский календарный план проведения спортивно-массовых мероприятий на 2024 год.

Прилагаем (см. файлы в аттаче):

  1. данные по формату плана на сайте Мин. Спорта и Туризма:
  2. Положение о ТБ2500

В 2019г Рабочая Группа от Совета Рандоннёров (веломарафонцев на сверх-длинные дистанции) уже
подавала аналогичное Положение и данные в План Мин. Спорта и Туризма, которые были приняты.

Официальный статус мероприятия нужен для решения вопросов по бронированию спортивных гостиниц для
участников (до 60% будет из России) и может быть полезен для привлечения внимания велосипедистов в РБ.

С Уважением, Сергей Брусникин
Секретарь Совета Рандоннёров в РБ,
Представитель АСР и LRM в Беларуси.
+375 29 3500270

Ниже - письмо запрос о возможности получить медали в 2024г заранее

Кто: Sergei Brusnikin
Кому: Jean-Gualbert FABUREL
Дата: 23.01.2023
Тема: BRM 2023 invoice

Dear Jean-Gualbert,

for the purpose of improvements, our randonneurs want to receive the 2024-2027 design medals in advance.

All clubs have submitted requests and we are asking: B200 -160, B300 -70, B400 -50, B600 -40, B1000 -20, SR -40 pieces.

Is it possible to get these medals in parts:

  1. B200 - 160
  2. B300 - 70, B400 - 50 (total 120)
  3. B600 - 40, B1000 - 20, SR - 40 (total 120)

Best regards,
Sergei Brusnikin

Ниже - переписка с АСР (23.01-24.01) по вопросу медалей на 2024г

Кто: Jean-Gualbert FABUREL
Кому: Sergei Brusnikin
Дата: 23.01.2023 23:04
Тема: BRM 2023 invoice

Dear Sergei,
Yes, I can ship them by the end of next week.

Best regards,

Кто: Jean-Gualbert FABUREL
Кому: Sergei Brusnikin
Дата: 24.01.2023 01:06
Тема: BRM 2023 invoice

Sorry, I send my message to quickly !
It’s OK for BRM medals but not for SR medals. Please request them by September 2024.

Best regards,

Кто: Sergei Brusnikin
Кому: Jean-Gualbert FABUREL
Дата: 24.01.2023 12:00
Тема: BRM 2023 invoice

Thanks for good news! We are waiting for the parcel code

Best regards,

Кто: Jean-Gualbert FABUREL
Кому: to all ACP Representative
Дата: 04.02.2023 18:43
Тема: BRM rules update

Dear all,

You will find attached the BRM rules updated in January 2024.

The main changes are :

  • Intermediate opening and closing hours are only an advisory. Riders will be allowed to use an alternative proof of passage if there is no more volunteer at the check point.
  • Brevet card can be replace by digital mean. Nevertheless, an organization must always offer to riders to use a physical brevet card if they want to.


Feel free to come back to me for any information.

Best regards,